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I have utilized both Joel and Ellen’s services.

Joel and I focused on insight oriented therapy. He helped me recognize patterns that I have been stuck in for years. After coming to therapy sessions with Joel I could make connections and see things in a way that I had not thought of before. I have been able to take these skills & have more empathy for others. I no longer feel stuck and feel free to make better decisions than I had in years. As a result, I have more energy, am happier & more satisfied in my life and in my relationships than ever before. People around me have noticed that I am brighter, smiling more & am more positive. I feel better about myself & it seems that the people around me do too.

After seeing two nutritionists with no relief, I called Ellen & set up an appointment. My experience was different than the two other times because she really listened & heard what I had to say. After implementing her recommendations, I went from having frequent upper respiratory infections & colds, digestive problems as well as allergies to not getting sick or having any GI distress for the past 3 years! I still consult with Ellen as needed, making changes & using the supplements she recommends, continuing my health journey. Joel & Ellen have completely changed my life for the better!

-S.D., New York

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